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Why we love what we do

      It starts being born and raised in Red Hook, Brooklyn. I wonder sometimes how did I get so lucky? To be able to grow up where I did, when I did, it's truly special to me now. I rode my bike and ran all through these streets as a kid. If there was an abandoned factory you better belive we ran through it. There's a certain type of Legacy here, one to live up to. I believe this has always been a driving force in me, to create, to build, to explore, to question, to make it happen. You see the walls were laced with the writings of Elders art has always been here, I grew up next to walls knowing the "DEAL", we had murals that showed us how to catch "REK". So as I look to my family, friends, and those who have inspired me through words of encouragement, love, and support, I hope and pray to pay if forward 10 fold. To those fellow artist that have inspired me without ever having met me, I say thank you for your contributions to this world and may I be lucky enough to one day return the favor. To those artist that I know, know in my heart I appreciate you for the work that you do, and would love to collaborate one day (any medium it doesn't matter). What I hope to bring forth is a culmination of all of these relationships I've fostered, the places I've been as well as the eras I've lived and experienced. None of this would be possible without the road I've been given, and the paths I crossed. Much love.




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